Favorite beaches in Albania

Many friends and acquaintances have asked me about the beaches of Albania. Which beaches are worth visiting in Albania? How to get there? Is it safe? etc. The albanian coast is really beautiful and it has two kinds of beaches: sandy beaches, those along the Adriatic sea, and the rocky beaches along the Ionian sea in the southern part of Albania. The locals prefer very much the southern seaside especially the beaches of Vlora, Saranda and Ksamil. I have visited some of them and these are some of our favorite beaches in Albania.

Kep Merli, Ksamil

Kep Merli is a private residential resort in Ksamil with a small beautiful beach. Quite and very intimate. The visitors need a prior booking to visit the beach. The view is very beautiful facing the greek island Corfu.

Palasa beach

Palasa beach is egzotic. The colour of the sea is blue and turquoise from the white little stones of the beach. The high greyish mountains of Llogara give a very exotic and authentic look to Palasa. Next to the beach is a luxury resort with vilas and appartments that are availabile for rent.

Dhermiu beaches

Dhermiu village boasts some of the most famous beaches in Albania such as: the beach of Gjipe, Jaliksari, Pirate, Canyion of Gjipe, etc.

The beach of Gjipe in Dhermiu is natural, authentic and beautiful. The walking distance from the parking to the beach is about 30 minutes. Cars can not drive through that road because it is mountain rocky way. So in case you are not a good walker than you can use the boat transport from Dhermiu. Many visitors use the beach for camping. Gjipe is a perfect place to take memorable instagram photos.

The photo below is of the beach next to the restaurant called Pirate’s restaurant in Dhermiu. It is a nice beach too.

Beaches of Qeparo

Qeparo is a charming village in the county of Himara. The village is dispersed in two parts, the upper part called Old Qeparo and the lower part by the sea. In Qeparo are few beaches, some more private and some are next to the restaurants and hotels. They are really lovely.

A beach next to the Blue Sea Apartments in Qeparo

Bora bora beach, Ksamil

Bora bora beach is just one of the many beautiful beaches in Ksamil. In front of the beach are two small islands, which may be visited by a boat. Usually in July, Bora Bora is very crowded but if you visit in June and end of August, it is very nice and quite.

Beaches at the Cape of Rodoni

Cape of Rodoni is only one hour drive from Tirana. It is an authentic and historical site. There are three famous beach resorts there, Rera e bardhe beach resort, Arbeni beach resort and the beach next to the medivial church of st. Anthony. Arbeni resort has a very nice place next to the beach but the music from the bar is very loud. In general, the Cape of Rodoni is a beautiful destination for the summer especially because it so close to Tirana.

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