House of Leaves – Shtepia me Gjethe

The Museum of Secret Surveillance in Tirana

If you are visiting Tirana and you are courious to know more about the Communist regime in Albania then you must visit the House of Leaves. The building today serves as u museum, it used to be an obstetric hospital and later during the Communist regime it was used for secret surveillance purposes. A regime that tried to rule its own people through interceptions and fear. The museum is located not far away from the Skenderbeu square and it is just opposite of the Orthodox church.

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4 thoughts on “House of Leaves – Shtepia me Gjethe

  1. A tad creepy! But also much reminiscent of the Stasi in East Germany. The Checkpoint Charlie’s museum documents the East German techniques in the same way as the House of Leaves. Fascinating, but important to be aware of, history.

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      1. People live here much better now. The country is opened and they can travel abroad. But there is a lot of work that needs to be done, such as corruption, strenthening the economy and rule of law. Personally I am optimistic for the future of this country.


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