The Heaven of Cherries

If there is a heaven of cherries than it must be in Albania. In June you find cherries in all the shops and in the markets everywhere. They come from the different regions of Albania, such as Dibra, Peshkopia, Kukes, Elbasan, Shkoder etc. They have different tastes and colours, so delicate and full of flavours! A heaven of cherries!

Happy June everyone! Gezuar qershorin muajin e qershijave!

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  1. I love cherries! Back when I used to live in Latvia, we had three cherry trees in our garden and it was a hard work to protect them from the birds! Thanks for sharing and have a good day πŸ˜€ Aiva

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  2. Oh! My mouth is watering something bad! Fresh cherries! My dream come true. Our cherries that we have for such a short time are not that fresh – I guess due to the heat we have here perhaps? If Albania is cherry heaven, I am going to want to visit in cherry season one day.


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